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Street Food: Opportunities for Regions has been carefully structured to generate impact for current street food entrepreneurs and the VET providers who serve them, as well as creating wider benefits for the HEI-VET community and overall regional economic development.

At an individual level, street food entrepreneurs who take the course are more likely to grow their businesses, moving into new markets and products with greater confidence and skills for success. Micro and small enterprises form the cornerstone of local communities and economies and so their success will contribute to a strong local food sector that is an integral part of a healthy and affordable economy.

At an organizational level, VET providers, especially enterprise centres and business development centres, will benefit from an immediate addition to their portfolio of training services, offering better support for a new and growing group of young entrepreneurs which are currently not catered for.

Through the establishment of Regional Alliances, a wide spectrum of other stakeholders will be impacted positively, gaining greater awareness of the potential of street food to evolve into a mature and vibrant food sector and the specific policy tools and operational strategies that will enable them to achieve this. Based on this process and the commitments that each organization makes as part of the Regional Action Plan, high level stakeholders in enterprise training, economic development, tourism marketing will be better able to fulfil their organizational mission and to do so in a cost effective way (by pooling resources) which leads to a real increase in regional food identity, tourism and economic development.