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Eat out of your comfort zone…
now that the street is our dining room

British St Food

Street Food Opportunities for Regions is an online course that you can complete in a flexible way while you plan the expansion of your own street food business, ideally it should be used in conjunction with the our classroom based course. It was written by Bob Fox who has been involved in the catering industry for over 30 years, both as a caterer and a director of two of the country’s leading food trade associations. He has vast experience in all aspects of the catering business, particularly the mobile and outside sector, and is often called upon to give opinion to the media, government and standards authorities. In 2004 Bob established the Nationwide Caterers Association which now boasts more than 3,700 members and is growing weekly. An accomplished author of books and codes of practice, Bob still spends hours every day offering traders personal advice and support because of his passion to see the food industry progress. Bob’s been involved in several TV and radio broadcasts and regularly writes features for trade magazines.