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The Streetfood sector is growing fast: last year alone our partners witnessed rapidly growing numbers of start-ups. The sector is also becoming more crowded and ambitious young entrepreneurs are looking upwards and outwards for further growth opportunities. SFOFR will facilitate that growth in two ways:

  • We will provide viable paths to expansion include moving to fixed premises, manufacturing value added products for retail and franchising mobile units. By growing this way, street food entrepreneurs will be able to create more resilient businesses with higher employment and turnover.
  • We will also work with local authorities and economic development stakeholders to grasp the potential of the street food movement to evolve into a vibrant regional food scene based on high quality, local produce, accessibility and authenticity.

The Project

Today‚Äôs street food entrepreneurs tend to be young, first time business owners and although they have developed useful skills they are often self-taught and lack formal enterprise education. Our Street Food: Opportunities for Regions (SFOFR) project will provide timely…


Our Impact

Street Food: Opportunities for Regions has been carefully structured to generate impact for current street food entrepreneurs and the VET providers who serve them, as well as creating wider benefits for the HEI-VET community and overall regional economic development.